Forget Everything You've Been Told About Long Term Food Storage... When All Hell Breaks Loose, You'll Need The Single Most Effective Way To Get High-Powered "Delta Force Nutrients" To Your Family As Fast As Humanly
Possible. And Like Any Special Forces Commando,
You'll Need A Plan. You'll Need A ...

"Black Hawk Down"
Food Plan!

From Brian Brawdy
Director of Emergency Food Planning
SFS Tactical Survival Unit

Dear Friend,

If you've ever secretly wondered if your current food storage plan is enough to keep your family alive and well when the going gets tough, then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

In a crisis situation, your health is everything. Strength and stamina. A clear head and a sharp mind. Quick reflexes. Stress resilience. A strong immune system. In a true survival situation, if you lack any of these, it could literally mean the difference between life and death.

These days, more and more people are stockpiling food and preparing for hard times. And yet most folks have no real tactical food plan. In fact, almost everyone is overlooking the vital superfood that could make or break your chances of surviving – and thriving – through a crisis.

If you've been acquiring buckets of dehydrated food, jars of canned foods, and bags of beans and grain... you've done well. But right off the bat, as you look through your food stash, can you really say with certainty you've got a backup plan that can deliver "the goods" in a hurry?

Sometimes Hollywood Gets It Right!

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty, we may not have much time.

I know it's rare, but sometimes Hollywood reminds us of the way the world really works. One of my favorite movies is Black Hawk Down because it not only reminds us of how tough our Delta Force guys are, but it also reminds us that in the real world, even the best tactical planning can go South in a hurry.

Listen: Delta Force guys always have a plan and usually it's well thought out. But here's the most important thing you can take from the movie: When danger kicks down your door, you usually have NO WARNING. That's why any action you can take to stay two steps ahead of the coming crisis could pay off in a very big way.

Your Own Blackhawk Down Event

Here's the scoop. I've convinced the folks at Powerful Living to put together a turn-key food production program, that can produce an almost unlimited supply of a special super-food at a moment's notice. In a Black Hawk Down moment. No matter where you are … no matter what time of year it is ... this food production program will swiftly and reliably provide you with an abundant supply of this vital superfood.

This lifesaving contingency plan takes the guesswork out of high-speed food production when the going gets tough. With it, you can fast track the production of "Delta Force" nutrients when the chaos hits ... and you can do it effortlessly and without worry.

Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't can food from the garden or load up on dehydrated food. But after spending the last six months researching the nutrition of survival, I've come to some conclusions that are nothing short of unsettling. In fact, I'm convinced that most food storage plans contain...

A Potentially Lethal Oversight!

The one absolute necessity that’s missing from almost every survival storage plan is... "fresh greens" and the living enzymes and vitamins they contain.

Obviously, you can’t store fresh fruits and vegetables without altering their food value. What's more, the foods that are healthiest for you tend to rot in a matter of days. And, in a real crisis, supply lines dry up fast. You most likely you won’t be able to buy fresh produce at any price...

Can you garden? Should you garden? Yes, and yes. But in a crisis situation, who can afford to wait months to plant, grow, and harvest fresh produce? Face it, unless you already have an established garden growing full-tilt, you won’t be able to get vital "greens" from your backyard either -- at least not until the end of the next growing season. And that could be 9 to 12 months away.

The bottom line? You could be facing extremely hard times without the ability to produce and consume real nutrient-dense, enzyme rich foods.

Now, this failure to have a battle plan for the production of fresh greens -- and the living enzymes, phytonutrients, and bio-available vitamins they offer -- could lead to a potentially disasterous outcome. (Our bodies desperately need fresh plant-based food to maintain optimal health.)

Almost Everything You Know About
Long Term Food Storage Is Wrong

Dehydrated and canned foods may have some vitamins and minerals (generally speaking, the older the food is, the less nutritious it becomes), but they have no “living” vitamins and minerals, no antioxidants, no phytonutrients, and above all, no “living” enzymes.

The truth is many researchers now believe that "dead" vitamins and minerals may not be enough to keep you and your family in good health under normal circumstances, let alone crisis conditions. In fact, without these living nutrients, you may be gambling with your health. Let’s face it...

The Last Thing You Need To Worry About
In A Serious Survival Situation
Is Getting Sick!

Let me get right to the point:

In a survival situation, less-than-optimal health means less-than-optimal chances.

Why do you think Special Forces Commandos work so hard to get into peak condition? Their mission requires strength, stamina, and mental sharpness. Their conditioning also builds up their immunity. And that’s vitally important. Why? Because a compromised immune system simply cannot defend the body against malicious invaders. It is also important to understand that during a crisis, sickness and disease tend to spread like wildfire, often attacking those most vulnerable.

So what’s the solution? How do you get “living food” packed with vitamins, enzymes, and phytonutrients when fruits and vegetables are not readily available?

It’s actually much simpler than you might think.

Introducing the "Survival Sprout Bank" Your Counter-Top Survival Garden


To help you be prepared for any Black Hawk Down moment, we’ve put together what we’re calling the Survival Sprout Bank.

If you’ve never heard of sprouting before, or you’re only vaguely familiar with them, they are the green shoots that emerge from newly germinated seeds. And they are little “powerhouses” of living vitamins and minerals.

Just a cup or two of sprouts per day can provide you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals you need to supplement your survival food storage and support your immune system. Plus, sprouts can provide you with a much-needed source of plant fiber to keep your digestive system running in tip-top shape.

What I absolutely love about sprouts is:

  • You don’t need much space to grow them. All you need is a small space on a table, counter top, or windowsill. In fact, you can grow pounds of sprouts every single week even if you live in a cramped apartment in upper Manhattan!
  • Sprouts are super simple to grow. Even if you don’t have a “green thumb”... or you’ve struggled to keep houseplants alive... you’ll find that growing sprouts is a cinch! Just follow the simple directions we include as a free ebook with the Survival Sprout Bank and you’ll be growing healthy, nutritious sprouts in no time.
  • Sprouts grow really fast. When you plant a garden, you usually have to wait 2-3 months before you can harvest the first crops. Not so with sprouts! In fact, you can have nutritious ready-to-eat sprouts in as few as 2-4 days!
  • You can eat sprouts with everything!  Add them to your salads, sandwiches, and soups.  Make bread from them.  Puree them into dips for vegetables.  The sky’s the limit with sprouts!
  • Sprouts are packed with bioavailable enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Something that is “bioavailable” is easily digested and absorbed by your body. Sprouts are easy to digest and absorb, which means your body will actually be able to benefit from all those nutrients you’re getting.
  • You can sprout year-round. It doesn’t matter whether you live in sunny Arizona or the snow-swept Canadian north... you can grow sprouts year-round, even in the dead of winter! This means you can enjoy fresh greens when your neighbors may be choking down their umpteenth bowl of rehydrated beans.
  • You don’t have to worry about pesticides or other harmful growing chemicals. Since you’ve grown your sprouts yourself, you know that they’ve never been exposed to pesticides or any other harmful chemicals. You’re getting nutrition from nature just as nature intended it!

And here’s great news...


If You Can Water a Plant,
Then You Can Grow Survival Sprouts!

Sprouting is ridiculously easy! All you have to do is put the sprout seeds (included in your kit) into a jar and add water to it. Let the seeds soak for a couple of hours. Then, simply drain the water out of the jar, turn it upside-down and let the sprouts grow.

About every six hours, open the lid, add some water, swish the seeds around, replace the lid, and drain the jar. Keep the jar upside-down on a counter, in a dish strainer, or in a storage container under the sink. Keeping the jar upside down will ensure that it drains and prevents mold from growing.

Sprouts don’t even need light to grow! Just a bit of water!

Really, that’s all you have to do to get your sprouts to grow. And, depending on which type of seeds you’re sprouting, you’ll have ready-to-eat sprouts in as soon as 48 hours.

And here’s the best part: When you get your Survival Sprout Bank from Powerful Living, you’ll get EVERYTHING you see here, including 55 lbs of sprouting seeds. Once sprouted, these seeds could multiply to up to 200 lbs of raw “living” food -- four times their original weight!

If you bought the sprouts (as you can get in the kit), pre-sprouted in a grocery store you could spend up to $6,000! That is CRAZY! We’ve surveyed grocery stores and found sprouts selling as high as $4.99 per half ounce. And like anything bought from a grocery store, there's always the risk that harmful pesticides have been used.

In your Survival Sprout Bank, you'll get alfalfa, radish, broccoli, mung bean, wheat, pea, fenugreek, garbanzo, green lentils, and black-eyed peas -- 10 different varieties, all carefully selected for nutritional density and balance.

Plus, you’ll get all the storage and sprouting equipment you’ll need to grow sprouts conveniently, anytime you want, in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you want to start sprouting today to save money and improve your health, or you want to prepare for rising food prices or even potential food shortages, the Survival Sprout Bank is a low cost way to control and improve your situation.

Just imagine how much more nutritious and healthy your diet will be in a survival situation if you have a sufficient supply of easy-to-grow sprouts to complete your survival food storage plan.

Numerous research studies have shown that sprouts contain more nutrition per ounce, than just about any other food on the planet. And some sprouts have even been known to help combat and prevent various diseases and illnesses.

A Miracle Food in Times of Survival?


Sprouts are widely recognized as being some of the most nutritious foods on the planet. And since sprouts are so easily digested and absorbed by your body, you can be confident that all those vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients are actually being absorbed, instead of passing through your body.

There are essentially three different categories of sprouts. Some are rich in vitamins and minerals. These are “greens.” Others have fewer vitamins and minerals but are filling and provide lots of protein. We call these the “high protein” sprouts. And lastly, there are those that have high fiber content and enzymes to help with digestion and assimilation. These are the “fiber/health” sprouts. Here’s a list of the sprouts you’ll be growing with the Survival Sprout Kit and how they can help you stay alive and healthy:


  • Alfalfa - 5 lbs: Vitamins A, B, C, E, K, and minerals. These vitamins are essential for healthy reproduction, vision, immune function, healthy bones, and regulating bodily functions.

  • Radish - 2 lbs: Potassium, Vitamin C. Potassium is essential for regulating healthy blood pressure, is involved in muscle contraction (movement), and nerve impulses (the brain telling the body what to do).

  • Broccoli - 3lbs: Vitamins A, C, antioxidants, and minerals. These nutrients help regulate brain function, aid in absorption and use of Vitamin E, and are involved in collagen production (cell building and replacement—your body’s ability to heal).


  • Garbonzo - 5 lbs: Protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. These beans are your go-to sprouts for emergency fresh food, fast. They even provide enough calories and nutrients for a few days of subsistence diet.

  • Green Lentils - 5 lbs: Vitamin C, Protein, Iron, and other minerals. Lentils are another incredibly healthy sprout, and essential to good muscle and cardiovascular health.

  • Black Eyed Peas - 5 lbs: Carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. These are another “meal in a handful” and provide essential calories and protein for a subsistence diet.

  • Mung Bean - 5 lbs: Protein, Iron, Potassium, and Vitamin C. This sprout is integral in muscle health and retention.


  • Pea - 10 lbs:  Protein, vitamin C, and fiber.  Fiber helps the digestive system.  Protein and amino acids help the body grow, repair, and build new muscle.

  • Wheat - 10 lbs: Carbohydrates, protein, Vitamins B & E, and phosphorous. Phosphorous is a VITAL nutrient used in DNA synthesis—the building block of the body’s ability to grow, repair, and replace old cells.  Phosphorous is also needed in order for the body to use carbohydrates and regulate the pH of the blood.

  • Fenugreek - 5 lbs: Iron & Phosphorous. In this one sprout are nutrients to support DNA replication, repair, and production of blood cells.

Listen up: This is the most important part of this message. These seeds are not organic. That means the small farmers who grew them did not fill out the paperwork necessary to get a government sticker. So we can't and won't say "organic." However, you should know that we buy all our seeds from small farmers that our seed buyer knows personally. (Absolutely no big corporations, even if they have government stickers.) These folks are fiercely independent folks who resent Big Ag as well as big government intrusion into their lives.

You should also know that we believe these farmers also grow the very best seeds, with the highest germination rates. This means more sprouts per pound and more bio-available nutrients when you need them most. Our goal is bring you the highest quality sprout seed directly from the farm to your kitchen with no middlemen. This is our way of trying to treat you the way we would like to be treated.

Perfectly Balanced Countertop Garden!

We selected these specific sprouts because, in combination, they’ll provide you with the perfect balance of nutrition, protein, fiber, and calories. Plus, once they’re sprouted and consumed, you’ll be getting loads of vital nutrients -- far more than if you relied solely on dehydrated and canned food.

Here’s a perfect example: In the American Cancer Society NEWS, Paul Talalay, MD, says, “broccoli sprouts are better for you than full-grown broccoli, and contain more of the enzyme sulforaphane which helps protect cell integrity.”

Get this: 3-day old broccoli sprouts have 20-50 times more antioxident properties than mature broccoli!

When you have limited resources, every bit of your time and energy needs to go to ensuring the best possible health for you and your family. When you’re preparing for hard times— perhaps even the complete break-down of food distribution systems, you have to be smart about what you’re storing, growing, and eating—so that every calorie counts. Every bit of food you grow—that you devote resources to—will help you be healthier and survive.

Sprouts are perfect foods for people with limited resources. Once sprouted, the nutritional content of seeds literally explodes! Within days of germinating, sprouts have nutrient density orders of a geometric magnitude higher than the seeds alone. Plus, sprouts contain all kinds of immune-supporting nutrients like linoleic acid... Coenzyme Q-10... folic acid... essential amino acids... Vitamins A, C, B, D... easily digestible protein... and much, much more! (If every nutriential benefit were listed here, it would fill pages. Literally.)

As you can see, without these essential nutrients, your body cannot function. Without these vitamins, your body cannot repair itself from injury, your nervous system won’t work properly, your bones won’t develop. Heck, your brain will even stops sending signals to the rest of your body.

Pretty serious stuff.

And just in case you think it would be easier or cheaper to stock up on a bunch of multivitamins, hopefully I can make you reconsider. You see, just about everybody in America has been convinced that taking vitamins in pill form is actually good for you. But I can tell you that most vitamins are not nearly as healthy as most people think. In many cases, they may actually be harmful.

The Great Vitamin Conspiracy

Vitamins are often packed into the form of a hard pill. Have you ever wondered how those vitamins are made? Basically, the process involves two factors: heat and pressure.

During the vitamin-making process, both extreme heat and intense pressure are used to pack all the vitamins and minerals into a hard pill. This process effectively kills any of the living enzymes, phytonutrients, and probiotics you would otherwise get. Which means that...

Unlike Sprouts Most Pills
Are Basically... Dead!

When you cook foods like vegetables, you kill the living nutrients inside the food. That’s why it’s better to eat raw plant foods than it is to eat cooked, roasted, or dehydrated plant foods. Raw food is alive! That's also why you want raw foods in your arsenal during tough times.

The same principle is true of vitamins in pill form. If the ingredients used to make a vitamin have been heated up and pressurized, the living nutrients have been killed. Then, when you take the vitamin, there is actually an added burden placed on your digestive system to try to break down the vitamin and absorb whatever it can.

Sadly, many vitamins are never fully digested and absorbed. In such cases, the unabsorbed vitamins and minerals are passed out through your system. And in some cases partially digested pills will even show up in your stool!

What’s worse, since you’re paying good money for these vitamins (the sale of vitamins is a $25 billion a year industry), you may be quite literally...

Flushing Your Money (And Your Vitamins) Down the Toilet!

This is why most synthetic multivitamins are perhaps one of the worst things you can consume during a long-term survival situation. They’re expensive, contain only dead vitamins, place an added burden on your digestive system, and many times are not even absorbed by your body.

Fresh sprouts, on the other hand, are the perfect food in a long-term survival situation. They’re nutritious, they’re tasty, and they’re quickly digested and absorbed by your body.

If you wanted to stock enough green (non-synthetic) multi-vitamins to even come close to the amount of nutrients available in the Survival Sprout Kit, you could spend WELL OVER $3,000.00 a year for a family of four.


Survival Sprout Bank Is A Complete Kit... Nothing Else To Buy!

Now, in addition to the 10 different varieties of sprouting seeds listed above, the Survival Sprout Bank also comes with:

  • Three (3) 1/2 gallon wide-mouth glass jars (for sprouting seeds)
  • Three (3) sprout jar lids (so you can drain out the water in the sprouts)
  • Two (2) shallow trays (to collect drained water)
  • One (1) bottle brush (to clean jars)
  • Four (4) white 100% cotton towels (also for sprouting seeds)
  • Two (2) 5-gallon buckets with lids (to safely store your seeds)

As you can see, with 55 lbs of sprouting seeds and all the sprouting equipment, the Survival Sprout Bank is your Black Hawk Down Emergency Food Product Kit! Once you’ve got your Survival Sprout Bank, you’ll finally have “the missing piece” that’s absent from almost everybody’s survival food storage plan. And you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you and your family will be well-fed and well-nourished should we ever experience a real food crisis.

A Vital Investment in Your Future Health And a Potent Defense Against Health Related Hard Times

The Survival Sprout Bank is one of the biggest survival kits we’ve ever assembled. There are literally tens of thousands of seeds in every kit, not to mention all the glass jars, lids, trays, towels, and more. You’re getting everything you could possibly need to enjoy fresh, healthy sprouts for up to one full year.

While the Survival Sprout Bank isn’t cheap, it’s also more affordable than you might expect. Right now, it’s only $297.00 plus $75.00 shipping and handling. Yes, $75.00 is a lot for shipping... but keep in mind the kit weighs over 70 pounds.

If you were to assemble all these seeds from highly trusted, non-GMO sources like we have, and you put together all the supplies as well, it would cost you anywhere from $400 to $600. But because we buy in bulk (directly from small, fiercely independent farmers!) we’re able to secure substantial cost savings and pass them on to valued customers like you.

And, remember - if you bought these sprouts, pre-sprouted from the grocery store, you could spend $6000.00.

One more thing. It's important. When you purchase your Survival Sprout Bank, in order to show our appreciation for your business, we’re also going to give you a 69-page ebook called “Survival Sprouting.” This handy guide provides you with the history of sprouting, how-to instructions, and valuable information about the nutritional benefits of eating different kinds of sprouts. This ebook sells for $39.00 on its own, but it’s yours FREE as part of the Survival Sprout Bank kit.

Ordering Is Easy!

For the absolute fastest service, order online. You can also call 815-259-4552 to place your order. Nice people are there waiting to take you call right now. But remember, our inventory of Survival Sprout Banks is going to go fast and there’s no time like the present to secure one. The number again is:


You can also order by sending a check or money order to:

Powerful Living
Attn. Survival Sprout Bank™
2200 IL Route 84
P.O. Box 361
Thomson, IL 61285

Act Now... And Put A "Black Hawk Down" Food Plan In Place Today!

Please, don't put it off. Order your Survival Sprout Bank today.

Because the reality is, a food crisis could be closer than either you or I can even imagine. The news continues to release shocking reports about lower-than-expected crop yields. The prices of food commodities are skyrocketing, which is a sure sign that supplies are down. It’s only a matter of time before vastly reduced harvests causes grocery store prices to rise dramatically.

Go ahead and get your Survival Sprout Bank today. This Sprout Bank is ultimately about keeping your family well-fed and healthy. Once you have your Survival Sprout Bank safely in your home, you’ll be able to provide fresh, healthy sprouts anytime, anywhere, year-round - no matter what is happening in the world. Click the link to order now:

Click Here to Get Your Survival Sprout Bank Now


Brian Brawdy

P.S. Never underestimate the power of small decisions. Fresh sprouts provide you with “living” nutrition that can help keep your immune system strong in the event of a collapse. (We also expect seed prices to double by next year as the FED continues to destroy our currency.) There has never been a better time to add a Survival Sprout Bank to your tactical food plan.

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